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It was a pleasure working with these guys. I needed my inherited house in Cleveland sold quickly and after making my research what it can entail I decided to sell it to a real estate investor. Luckily for me I found Cleveland Cash House Buyer who helped me to sell my home in 8 days total. I highly recommend this company to homeowner who need to sell quick!

Irene J.

How We Can Help

If you need to sell your home due to any of the following situations, we will buy it within 3 to 30 days!


In Cleveland, Ohio selling an inherited house can be challenging. Inherited homes are usually older homes that may need repair. And a house in poor condition is not attractive to any traditional buyer. Also, the sale of an inherited house can be delayed for months if the estate is going through probate.


Divorce is something no one hopes to go through, but, unfortunately, 11.9% of Ohio residents experience it in their lives. Undergoing the asset division process is a serious strain, and selling a residential property by listing the home yourself or working with a real estate agent could extend the ordeal and delay you for months from starting a new life.

Costly Repairs

Selling your Cleveland, Ohio home that needs a lot of work means you need to pay for costly repairs and renovations before you can attract a buyer. Because few people are interested in properties in bad condition or homes with long repair histories, selling traditionally can leave you waiting for an offer that might not come.


When the threat of foreclosure is hanging over your head due to falling behind on mortgage payments, you need a fast-paced plan that will prevent you from losing your house with no compensation. Selling your home would give you much needed funds, but finding a buyer and closing a deal on your home can take months you may not have.


When you land a great job, find a new house to call home, or are moving for another reason, selling your old home can give you the funds you need to start fresh. But your property can start to feel like an anchor holding you back if your old house stays for too long on the Cleveland housing market.

Financial Issues

While some may think the American dream looks like owning the most luxurious house on the block, the truth is that bigger isn’t always better. Downsizing is a cost-effective solution to solving debt problems or avoiding finance issues. With that said, it’s difficult to save money when you’re spending thousands on repairs, remodeling, closing costs, and realtor commissions.

Difficult Tenants

If tenants have a rental agreement in place with a landlord, the tenants retain the right to continue living in the rental property after it is sold. To sell a house with sitting tenants isn’t usually a problem for a potential buyer—as long as the tenants are in good standing. But not every buyer is willing to take on problem tenants.

Property Taxes

When money is tight, delaying the payment of property taxes can appear to be a way of conserving cash. But sooner or later, the county will take notice, and put a tax lien on the house. Eventually, the county will auction the house for taxes. So the owner may have no other choice but to short sell their property to avoid losing it to foreclosure.

Bad Neighborhood

Even the best houses can struggle to attract buyers when a property is located in a rough neighborhood. Noise level, distance from amenities, light pollution, and crime and safety ratings are only some elements that can make selling your home difficult. Attracting a buyer may take serious time thanks to environmental factors outside of your control.

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Our clients sell their houses to us in 3 to 30 days. The majority of our deals are closed in less than two weeks. 


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We’re a company that buys houses for cash collected by our sellers within 72 hours after the purchase agreement is signed. We don’t need a mortgage approval that can take weeks.

You sell 'AS IS'

Because we trade cash for homes in any condition, you can sell us your house fast and “as is” without making any repairs needed to attract buyers.

No extra expenses

You receive the full amount of your cash offer and don’t pay anything. You don’t stress over closing costs, hidden expenses, commissions, or other fees unlike in traditional real estate sales.

No endless showings

With us, you don’t have to go through exhausting rounds of open house events, negotiate with potential buyers, and tidy up your home every time. You save time, energy, and effort.

No waiting months for a buyer

We can give you an obligation-free cash offer within 24 hours after our home visit. You can sell your property quickly to us no matter the current real estate trend.

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