Make Selling a Rental Property with Sitting Tenants in Cleveland, Ohio a Breeze

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Finding a buyer interested in your rental property can be a time consuming and costly process. Plus, buyers can be turned off when tenants in residence complicate matters. But there’s a way for you to quickly sell your property with tenants on a lease without any demanding complications or expenses.

What Options Are Available to Sell a House, Apartment, or Condo with Tenants in Situ?

A Landlord Can Sell Their Tenanted House via Any of the Following:

#1 By Allowing the Lease to Expire Before Selling

If you want to sell your house but have tenants in place, you can wait for the lease to expire. After tenants move out, you could conduct repairs and market your property without having to ensure your schedule matches with your renters’ needs.

However, not every landlord can wait months for a lease to end. If you have a pressing deadline, this may not be a valid option.

#2 By Evicting the Tenant and then Selling

Evicting tenants when you want to sell your house might be possible. Without sitting tenants, repairing, staging, and marketing your property is less complicated.

Even so, stipulations in the rental agreement can cause you headaches. If you don’t give renters proper notice, you could be held legally liable. Because ample eviction notice is usually 30 to 60 days, evicting tenants still costs you time and energy.

#3 By Selling the Property with Tenants Still in Residence

Landlords who choose to sell a house with tenants in residence don’t have to wait for a lease to expire or jump through hoops trying to evict renters. Unfortunately, terrible tenants can refuse viewings and make scheduling necessary property repairs a horrible back-and-forth process. Even if renters comply, offers may be hard to come by if buyers don’t like the idea of assuming a current lease.

The Top Company to Work With when Selling Houses with Tenants in Cleveland, Ohio

There’s a way for you to avoid any of the headaches and expenses of selling a tenanted property. When you call Cleveland Cash House Buyer, you’re on the fast track to closing a straightforward deal with the most experienced cash house buyers in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding area. We’ll take care of any complications for you, buy your property “As Is,” and quickly give you the money you deserve.

Sell Without the Hassle

Using other methods to sell your condo, duplex, or other rental home with tenants usually means multiple stressful home tours. But we only need one scheduled walkaround to make an obligation-free offer. There’s no need to market your property, and we also arrange all paperwork for you. How’s that for hands-off?

Make Home Selling a Speedy Transaction

Some buyers won’t consider listings with sitting tenants, and waiting for the lease expiration date to close a deal can conflict with your needs. Fortunately, Cleveland Cash House Buyer has you covered. As the fastest local cash house buyer, we typically finalize transactions on tenanted houses in 3 to 30 days.

Get Easy Cash in Exchange for Your Home

When buyers can’t secure funding, a deal you’ve been counting on turns into a dead end. The good news is that our process doesn’t involve conventional methods like mortgage approval. Instead, we use pre-approved funds. This means when you accept our cash offer, you’re set to collect the whole amount.

Why Repair or Renovate when We Can Buy As Is?

Cleveland Cash House Buyer can make an offer on any kind of rental property, no matter the damages caused by time, natural disasters, or bad tenants. Our process doesn’t involve multiple appraisals or you paying for expensive repairs. Instead, we’ll buy your property “As Is” for a transparent cash amount.

Transparent Selling Process with No Hidden Fees

Using another selling method means you’re stuck paying for closing costs, surprise expenses, and commissions that eat away at the money you receive for your tenanted house. But when you sell to us, we cover all expenses on our end. You pay nothing to sell your property, end of story.


Am I Required to Send a Letter to Notify the Tenant of My Intent to Sell the Property?

It’s typically necessary for a landlord to notify tenants of the upcoming sale of their property through a letter.

Beyond listing the date, property address, and your renters’ names, this letter should include information on when tenants can expect showings and explain expectations for the renters. For example, the letter can say the residence needs to be clean and presentable for showings. Tenants also need to know how best to contact you during the process.

This is only one of many responsibilities that Cleveland Cash House Buyer handles for you to make selling your tenanted house equally easy and fast-paced.

What Steps Can I Take to Make It Easy to Show My House with Tenants to Buyers?

Scheduling showings when tenants are in the home you’re selling is smoother when renters don’t undermine your efforts.

To encourage cooperation, open a clear line of communication between you and your renters and schedule showings that match your tenants’ needs. This way, you can ensure tenants won’t be hanging around the property when you conduct tours. You could also get on your tenants’ good side by hiring a cleaning service.

That said, selling a property with tenants in situ is easier said than done. To sell your tenanted house fast after only one scheduled property visit, contact Cleveland Cash House Buyer.

If Tenants Have the Right Not to Allow Access for Viewings, Will It Affect My Showings?

Ohio property owners must legally give their tenants a minimum of 24 hours’ notice before entering their apartment, condo, or other type of rental property. The law stipulates that tenants are within their rights to refuse viewings if they aren’t given proper notice or if the showing is otherwise deemed unreasonable.

If you’re a landlord selling a tenanted house in Ohio, you don’t have to put yourself through rounds of property visits or stress over your schedule not aligning with your renters’. With Cleveland Cash House Buyer, you only need one convenient property visit to receive an obligation-free cash offer.

Do I Have Options if the Tenant Destroyed My Rental Property?

Ohio landlords can pursue legal action against tenants who destroy or damage their property beyond normal wear and tear. Renters are obligated to appropriately maintain and use appliances and property fixtures to avoid damage. Tenants who contribute to property damage are obligated to pay for repairs. The exception to this rule is section 8 tenants.

You can skip legal headaches and sell your property for cash without paying out-of-pocket for any expenses or repairs. Cleveland Cash House Buyer can make you an offer even if you have the worst tenants imaginable or if your house has been destroyed beyond repair.

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