Selling a Great, Nice or Terrible House Located in a Bad Neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio

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In 2019, Cleveland was named among the cities that Americans are abandoning by the investment website 24/ If you have been trying to sell a nice house in one of the city’s bad neighborhoods, such a pronouncement can only add to your frustration.

But there’s always a buyer for every property. Our tips for selling a house in a bad location will help you in your search. Applying these suggestions will assist you in attracting a buyer—even if you don’t have a great house.

7 Tips That’ll Help FSBO Sellers

Look at Your Neighbor’s Property

Sometimes neighbors don’t keep up with their yard work. If you have such a neighbor, offer the mow their yard until your house sells.

Make Interior Improvements

Nothing kills a buyer’s interest as does a dirty, cluttered house. So get rid of the junk—and clean. Clean the carpets. Clean the bathrooms and the kitchen—even old pitted porcelain and chrome can look decent if it is clean. A clean house with minimal furnishings looks larger to the buyer.

Increase the Curb Appeal

Don’t forget to clean up the yard. Give overgrown bushes and shrubs a proper trimming. Remove low-hanging branches from the trees. Consider painting the front door (at least wash down the door and the front porch). And if it’s the right time of year, plant some flowers.

Stage the House Nicely

Staging a house with a very generic arrangement of furniture and decorations helps buyers picture themselves living in the home. Make sure to store family photos, trophies, and any other memorabilia out of sight. It’s difficult for buyers to see the house as theirs with pictures of your family on the walls. Lighten up any dark walls with a neutral color of paint.

And paint any wood paneling to brighten up the house.

Target 1st Time Home Buyers

Always remember that first-time buyers usually can’t afford their dream home. So make your house a scaled-down version of what they want. Every buyer, for example, wants lots of natural light. And older homes frequently have larger windows. Maximize the windows in your house by removing dated window coverings. And add a little paint or stain where needed. Emphasize any other features that buyers are looking for in a home.

Try to Look Honest to the Buyer

To establish trust with a potential buyer, fully disclose the problems with your house. But don’t forget to mention the good things about your home as well as anything positive about your neighborhood.

Open House

Open houses are inexpensive and effective ways to advertise locally. You will probably have more curious neighbors than serious buyers. But if you’ve done an excellent job preparing your house, it will be talked about in the neighborhood. And one of your neighbors might realize that they like your home better than theirs.

But There Is a Quicker Way to Sell Your Home in a Bad Location of Cleveland, OH!

Cleveland Cash House Buyer knows the Cleveland real estate market. For years, we have helped homeowners in the bad neighborhoods of the city by buying their houses for cash. We are the quickest and most reliable cash house buyer in the area—purchasing homes in any condition and any neighborhood.

We Purchase Any Properties!

Selling a run-down house in a run-down neighborhood is not as difficult as you might think. We will buy your home AS IS. And we won’t be deterred, even if it’s in a bad location.

We Work Fast

If you are in a hurry to sell, we are motivated buyers. We do everything quickly. After we sign a purchase agreement, we can close a typical sale in less than a month.

You Get a Cash Offer

We operate as a cash-based business. For this reason, you never have to wait for us to get loan approval. When we give you our offer, we already have the cash to pay you. At closing, you will get the amount of money specified in our fair cash offer. We don’t expect you to pay commissions or other closing costs. And you will never be surprised by any hidden fees.

We Don’t Charge, We Only Pay

At closing, you will get the amount of money specified in our fair cash offer. We don’t expect you to pay any commissions or other closing costs. And you will never be surprised by any hidden fees.

We Handle the Whole Headache

Do you dread dealing with all the paperwork in a real estate deal? You’ll like the way we do business. It’s necessary for you to sign and date a few documents. But the rest of the paperwork is on us.

6 Bad Neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio to Sell Us Your Home In

#1 Kinsmith

Kinsmith has the lowest median income in the city. While its proximity to amenities is excellent, the crime rate discourages people from leaving their homes except when necessary. Property crime is over three times the national average. And violent crime is a whopping six times greater than the national average.

#2 North Broadway

Home values are low in this neighborhood. Home ownership is very low, as well. Just a little over 25% of residents own their homes. Because of its failing schools and high percentage of rental property, this area is not popular with homebuyers.

#3 Central

The neighborhood has less than 20% of its 1950 population—primarily due to the loss of manufacturing jobs over the years. With the second-highest poverty rate in Cleveland and failing public schools, the area is not a popular place to live.

#4 Fairfax

The neighborhood is home to the renowned Cleveland Clinic. But it is also home to a property crime rate that is three times the national average, and a violent crime rate that is six times the national average. Failing schools and low-value homes make this area unattractive to buyers that can afford other neighborhoods.

#5 Industrial Valley

Once home to Cleveland’s vibrant steel industry, the neighborhood is sparsely populated because of all the vacant industrial areas. Population density is one-fourth that of the city as a whole. Home values are the lowest in the city. High rates of crime and unemployment make this area unpopular.

#6 Union-Miles Park

The neighborhood is densely populated (almost twice that of greater Cleveland). According to, the unemployment rate is over 17%, making the income per capita rate very low. And school test scores are 51% lower than the U.S. average. Add a very high crime rate to the mix, and people avoid this area when possible.

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