Best Way to Sell Your Water Damaged or Flooded Home in Cleveland, Ohio

cleveland water damage and mold

If your home has water damage that your homeowner’s policy won’t cover, don’t give up hope. You can still sell your house—without making all those expensive repairs.

Difficulties of Selling a Water Damaged or Flooded Property

According to a FEMA executive, “Flooding is the most expensive natural hazard in the nation.” The damage from flooding in the United States costs twice as much as the damage from hurricanes.

Homeowners get caught off guard when flash floods inundate their neighborhoods and leave them knee-deep in groundwater. Water belongs in pipes and sinks and bathtubs. But not in drywall, carpet, or flooring.

Traditional homeowner policies won’t pay to fix the damage from groundwater. And if you’ve talked to a realtor, you already know that selling a house with water damage is almost impossible. All you can see in front of you are expensive estimates to fix a house that nobody seems to want.

And if—and that’s a big if—you make all those expensive repairs, will anybody buy it after you disclose its water damage history? And how long will it take to sell?

The Best and Fastest Solution

You do not have to hire a real estate agent. And you do not have to risk making all those expensive repairs—only to wait for the sale of a house that nobody wants to buy. Selling your flooded house is not impossible.

Home buying companies, comprised of real estate investors, will buy your house for cash—AS IS. You won’t have to make any fixes or even cleaning.

Cleveland Cash House Buyer has helped homeowners in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding areas since the early 2000s. We provide convenient and reliable services when helping people just like you turn flooded homes into cash.

Benefits of Selling to Us

You Will Sell Fast

In the traditional housing market, for a property without a damage, it takes from a few months to more than a year to find a buyer, and then a lot of time to close on a house after an offer is accepted. And this is after making all the necessary repairs, staging the house, and showing it.

You won’t wait around forever with us. Typically, within 24 hours we give a cash offer and then close the sale in 3 to 30 days. After just 3 days from signing the contract, you will have the full value of that cash offer in your hand.

We Buy As Is

If you’re looking at the damage to your home after a flood, you’re looking at a lot of money out of your pocket. Homeowner’s insurance won’t pay anything. And if you’re like most people, you didn’t have flood insurance. Even if you spend the money to fix up your house, will you have to discount it deeply to get it sold?

Good news! You can throw away those pricey estimates you received from contractors. And you can stop worrying about who would ever buy a flood damaged house.

We will! We will buy your house—with water damage and all. Once we agree on a cash offer, you have nothing else to do but just collect your money after the closing.

We Pay Cash

After accepting our cash offer, you can expect to collect that cash in just a few days. Unlike a traditional sale, you won’t have to wait around for up to a week after closing to get your money. The offer we make for your house is a cash offer. And that is the amount of money you will receive after the closing.

No Hidden Fees

All our costs and fees are included in the cash offer we make to you. Once you have accepted it, you will not be responsible for any additional fees. The amount we offer is the amount you receive. In a traditional real estate transaction the hidden fees continue to add up. But not with us! No surprises, just cash.

Personalized Service

Imagine a real estate transaction with no stress. We take the stress out of selling your flooded, damaged home. You don’t have to be concerned about who is going to take care of what. We take care of it all—from the time you accept our cash offer until the time you take that cash offer in hand. What could be simpler? Doing business with us is quick and easy. We make things convenient for you.

Tips on Selling Your House that Has Been Flooded or Water Damaged


Homeowners are typically shocked to find that their flooded home is not covered by their homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s policies only pay claims for water that enters a home above the ground. Examples would be claims for plumbing leaks, rain damage, and overflowing plumbing fixtures.

Homeowner’s insurance does not cover any groundwater-related damage. If your house is at risk of being flooded by groundwater, you need to have NFIP coverage. And please note that groundwater doesn’t mean just water from a flooded river. Any water that enters your house during a downpour (because of poor lot drainage) will be considered groundwater. And this will not be covered by a homeowner’s policy.

If your house has been flooded, it is important to contact your insurance agent as quickly as possible. Find out if they helped you get NFIP flood insurance or if you only have a homeowner’s policy. Inventory all flood-damaged items and keep track of all receipts for potential reimbursement.

Water Damage, Flood and Flood Zone Disclosure in Ohio

Ohio state law currently requires a “Residential Property Disclosure Form” be completed for each real estate transaction. One of the questions on the form asks, “Do you know of any water or moisture related damage to floors, walls or ceilings as a result of flooding, moisture seepage, moisture condensation, ice damming, sewer overflow/backup, or leaking pipes, plumbing fixtures, or appliances?” Another question asks, “Is the property located in a designated flood plain?” Other disclosures may be required at the county and/or city level where your house is located.

Whether you are selling your house yourself, As Is to a home buying company like ours, or even through a realtor, you are still responsible for providing all the legal disclosures. However, any real estate agent involved may also share some of that responsibility.

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