Simplified Way of Selling a House With a Lien in Cleveland, Ohio

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When there’s a lien against the house you’re trying to sell, legal complications can leave you feeling hopeless. With this article, you can more confidently take the necessary steps to finding a buyer able to purchase your apartment building, condo, townhouse, or other form of residential property with debt attached.

This Process Will Sell Your Home With a Lien Against It in No Time

Quick Steps to Sell a Property That Has a Lien on It

#1 Assess the Value of Your Home

First, find out your home’s market value. When selling a house with a tax lien or other kinds of encumbrances, keep in mind that any attached debt affects the property’s value. With a rough idea of your home’s value, a realtor who knows your local market can then list your house for sale.

#2 Review Potential Buyers’ Offers and Select the Best One

Although it’s possible to attract a buyer despite any state or federal tax liens, traditional selling methods can leave you waiting months or longer for an offer.

You could make expensive repairs and market your property in person and online. But external factors like the local market’s speed can slow you down. Plus, if there’s a lien against your property because you owe money for past construction work or if child support is owed, you probably don’t have funds to fix up your property.

If a buyer is willing to take on your house with back taxes or other debt attached, you then may negotiate with the buyer and settle on a price.

#3 At the Closing, Transfer Signed Documents and Allot the Funds for Settling Liens

When you finally snag a buyer, you need to be at the closing to sign and finalize the necessary transfer documents. You also supply the closing attorney with the resulting funds from selling your property to pay off the liens and other expenses.

#4 Contact Lien Holders to Confirm Payment

Once you’ve sold your home and paid off any existing liens, confirm with lien holders that they’ve received the funds. To check off all your boxes, ensure the county deed books also have it on record that you’ve repaid your debts.

This Company Makes Selling Houses With Liens in Cleveland, Ohio a Painless Process

When you’re selling a house with taxes owed, a property with an IRS lien, or a residence with any property tax lien whatsoever, Cleveland Cash House Buyer can help. We’re the most reliable cash buyers in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding areas who can make an offer after one property visit.

Sell Your Property in Its Current State

When you sell to Cleveland Cash House Buyer, you skip the time-consuming complications of due diligence periods, repair requests, and rounds of property appraisals. We can buy your house as it stands today after we complete one conveniently scheduled walkaround.

Speedy Selling Transaction

A quick influx of cash makes a big impact when you’re dealing with delinquent taxes or getting out from under a mountain of debt. We typically close deals within 3 to 30 days, so you can get your money ASAP.

Cash-Only Offer for Your Home

Cleveland Cash House Buyer’s transaction process doesn’t involve conventional mortgage approval. This means you don’t stress about us not being able to secure funds from a bank to buy your house. Instead, you can confidently sell your house for cash.

Selling Process Without the Fuss

Multiple home tours, rounds of negotiations, and even more confusing paperwork are all headaches that Cleveland Cash House Buyer helps you avoid. When you sell your home to us, we make sure your selling experience is simple, transparent, and hassle-free.

No-Commission, No Hidden Fees – Just Transparent Payment

Cleveland Cash House Buyer never leaves homeowners to foot the bill for hidden paperwork fees or closing costs. We happily take care of any and all expenses associated with selling your house with debt attached. It’s really that simple!


How Does a Lien Make a Difference in the Sale of a House?

If unpaid debt has caused a property lien to be filed against your house, selling your property involves more hurdles to clear before you can close a deal.

You can try negotiating with the lien issuer to create a repayment plan. Some lenders may forgive part of the debt after you pay back a fraction of what you owe. Homeowners may also ask a buyer to take on the lien, though this option isn’t likely to pan out.

With other selling methods, you may feel obligated to pay for home improvements, spend hours marketing your listing, and waste weeks or months waiting to close a deal.

Alternatively, you can call Cleveland Cash House Buyer to receive a guaranteed and straightforward cash offer on your property. We can buy your house as it stands today and make selling a fast-paced and hands-off process.

Is There a Possibility of Selling My House Despite Having a Judgment?

A judgement lien heavily affects the sale of your house. Selling a home with a judgement lien to a buyer who needs funding from a bank can be next to impossible, seeing as banks can view such a purchase as too financially risky to provide the necessary funds.

But Cleveland Cash House Buyer would be happy to make you an offer no matter the debt attached to your house or any current property defects. We use private money sources and ready-to-use funds, so you can quickly sell your property for cash and resolve your debt situation sooner rather than later.

How Challenging Is Selling a Home With an SBA Loan Lien?

If you’re a business owner who put your house up as collateral for a Small Business Administration Loan, your lender can file an SBA Loan Lien against your home.

Selling your house is possible with such a lien against it, though you have the added pressure of foreclosure hanging over your head. Your situation is more complicated because few buyers are willing to make an offer on a house with a lien.

To make selling your property fast and stress-free, contact Cleveland Cash House Buyer. We can make an offer on your property as it currently stands, then ensure our real estate transaction is as streamlined as possible.

How Do I Find a Way to Sell a House With a Medicaid Lien?

You can try negotiating with Medicaid to find a mutually agreed-upon timeframe for repaying the debt. You may also stage your home, conduct multiple tours, lower your asking price, and make home repairs to attract a buyer. But an existing lien can make offers few and far between, and you could be short on time and money.

Cleveland Cash House Buyer only needs one walkaround of your home to give you an obligation-free cash offer. We can make selling your house for much-needed income easy by handling negotiating the lien ourselves and resolving any other complications for your benefit.

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