The Fastest Way to Sell Your Home if It’s Old or in Poor Condition in Cleveland, Ohio

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Using traditional selling methods when trying to profit from your run down house involves making expensive repairs in hopes of attracting a buyer. Not many people are interested in a fixer upper that requires intense updating. Even if you arrange and pay for all repairs your house in poor condition needs, you can still wait weeks or months for an offer. Your other option for selling your old Cleveland house is to sell to a company of real estate investors that has provided quality services for years. Cleveland Cash House Buyer can buy your home “as is” in days.

Benefits of Selling to Us

You Will Sell Fast

We’ve refined our real estate transaction process so that you can expect to sell your property in a fraction of the time it takes to sell it after putting it on the traditional housing market. We close deals between 3 to 30 days, and we’ll do what it takes to give you your profit as soon as possible.

We Buy As Is

As a company that buys houses in any condition, we are proud of our process that gives homeowners a way to skip paying for repairs or remodeling before being able to sell their residential properties. We buy the ugliest junk houses no matter the damages they have!

We Pay Cash

If you think you can’t sell your house without having to wait weeks or months for your buyer to get your money cobbled together, you haven’t heard of our process yet! We have cash on hand so that collecting your money will be as fast as it is easy. Just within 3 days after signing the purchase contract you can collect the whole amount and walk away.

No Hidden Fees

With us, you don’t have to stress over any surprise fees or future costs. We’ll roll any expenses that come with buying your problem house into our offer so you know exactly the cash amount you collect after you sign our contract.

Some of the Problems Houses We Buy Have

Fire Damage

When a fire damages or destroys your property, you’re in need of a fast way to make an income and stay afloat. A home that has suffered from a house fire or was in the path of a wildfire needs expensive repairs, and it may not be wise to fund those repairs yourself. We have a long history of buying houses that need a lot of work, and we’d be happy to give you much-needed cash for your home in its current condition.

Structural or Foundation Problems

Few things affect your home’s resale value quite like structural and foundation problems. Because fixing these issues can amount to around $10,000, a house with needed foundation repairs or a property that comes with similar hangups is a difficult house to make a profit from. Fortunately, you can quickly sell to us without making any repairs. We’ll give you a clear-cut cash offer and handle resolving the problems ourselves.

Mold and Water Damage

When mold or water damage is visible, your property’s structure is also likely compromised. After your home has been flooded or wrecked by mold, making the needed repairs and paying for remediation and prevention measures costs you both valuable time and money. Your other option is to sell as is to us in only days. Afterwhich, we’ll make your old house livable and attractive to buyers.

Termites and Other Pests

Serious offers can be few and far between when your home comes with a termite history or if a recent termite inspection reveals bad news. Repairs, exterminations, and future inspections require money and take time that you might not be able to spare because of certain situations. You can accept a fast and straightforward offer on your home, no matter its current condition or termite issues, when you sell to Cleveland Cash House Buyer.

Asbestos Building Components

Because asbestos can pose serious health risks, affects a home’s value, and requires professional removal and inspections, asbestos siding or other materials can send a buyer running for the hills. While others may not be interested in purchasing your property in its current condition, we would be happy to make an offer. You can exchange your home for cash and let us oversee any and all removal, repairs, and inspections needed to make your old house better than ever.


Should I repair my home before I try to sell it?

Typically, you have to make repairs on your home when using a realtor or putting your home for sale by owner. If you don’t update your property, you can’t sell your house quickly because buyers aren’t very interested in making offers on run down houses. Waiting for a buyer who will be ready to buy your damaged house as is, repair it and then live in it can take months or even longer than a year.

With this in mind, an alternative option to using the traditional route is to sell your home as is to a real estate investor who will buy your house, renovate it and then resell it. This means you can accept a great offer without paying for repairs or fixing up your house at all. When you sell to a real estate investor, you can receive your money in just days after they visit your house to assess it.

Can I be sued by my buyer after the closing day?

When the seller doesn’t disclose all known property issues, the buyer can sue the seller. If the seller properly discloses all previous and existing defects and damages in accordance with Ohio law, then the seller’s responsibility ends after closing.

For how long after I sell my house will my liability for its condition last?

Except in cases of fraud, the home seller’s liability ends when the house exchanges hands. In Ohio, the statute of limitations is 4 years. This means that a buyer can take legal action during that time frame after closing day if the seller did not disclose all known property defects to the new owner. Ultimately, it is in your best interest to properly fill out a disclosure form and be upfront about all property issues.

What does a home seller need to disclose in Cleveland, Ohio?

According to Ohio law, the seller must declare all known property defects and issues that can be found out through a reasonable investigation to the buyer. This includes if the house needs a new roof or any foundation repairs, if the home has termite or structural damage, comes with asbestos siding, etc. If the seller failed to disclose known defects, the buyer can bring a lawsuit against the seller.

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